Endi Poskovic

Through the representation of familiar imagery my work proposes a range of eventualities, from hybridized narratives to unexpected scenarios, invoking a sense of place and time, and exploring ideas about displacement, memory and reconciliation. A critical element in many of my relief prints is the placement of invented phrases and words that are cut in wood, placed and printed below the images. Created in actual and/or faux Romance and Germanic languages, the captions contribute to interpretations that may simultaneously appear to be real and fictitious, rational and absurd. The intersection of the image and the written word in my prints reinforces the act of reading the two in a single context as a source of unlimited interpretive possibilities.

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Endi  Poskovic Ganzeberg
Stone Lithograph
24 x 35 in
$ 1,125
Endi  Poskovic Epnumce d_essa__ XI- Three Craters
Three Craters
21 x 27 in
$ 600
Endi  Poskovic Sunny Day Over the Bay
Sunny Day Over the Bay
Woodcut print
Endi  Poskovic Untitled (Toy-Mobile)
Untitled (Toy-Mobile)
Dry-point print
30 x 22 in
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