Sarah M Timberlake


About the Artists:

With a Bachelor’s in English Literature and a Masters of Fine Arts in sculpture from the University of Colorado Sarah M. Timberlake has the background to be a poet, a sculptor, a photographer and a painter.  She started her art career as a photographer and sculpture but transformed to painting to allow her to more quickly express her thoughts and ideas.  Sarah Timberlake’s abstract works are like a two dimensional sculpture in which she explores texture, line color, motion and emotion as a sculptor would do.

Using mixed media of acrylic, oil, graphite, charcoal she lays marks on paper to create lines that build to tell a story.  Her series of “House Storms” and “Small Dark Rooms” which are abstract paintings on paper have the immediacy of her gestures recorded by marks on paper conveying the importance of how she is responding to the world around her.  Although the work is abstract each pieces contains images that evoke the title of the work with images of house in the House Storms series and rectangles representing rooms in the Small Dark Rooms series.

Timberlake was born in New York but raised in Colorado where she continues to live.  Her works have been selected for several Bemis auctions and is in private and corporate collections in the Omaha area as well as nation wide in private, public and corporate collections.


University of Colorado, Boulder, CO, MFA Sculpture
School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA
University of Colorado, Boulder, CO, BA English Lit/Writing
Mills College, Oakland, CA

Professional Affiliations
2013 Art Section Panel, City of Denver Public Art Project, Columbus Park, Denver CO(pending)
2004 –2006 Board of Directors, Colorado Photographic Arts Center
2000 - 2003 Represented by Ron Judish Fine Arts

1998 Award of Merit, Colorado ‘98, Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, Colorado Spgs.,CO
1991 NEA Sculpture Fellow, Western States Arts Federation/ NEA Regional Fellowship
1989 Doctoral/MFA Candidate Fellowship, University of Colorado Graduate School, Boulder, CO
1989 Thesis Grant, University of Colorado Graduate School, Boulder, CO
1988 Dean’s Award, Project Funding, University of Colorado Graduate School, Boulder, CO

Selected Exhibitions
2012 Bemis Center for the Arts, Omaha, NE
2011 Bemis Center for the Arts, Omaha, NE
2010 Bemis Center for the Arts, Omaha, NE
2007 All in the Family, Republic Plaza, Denver CO
1997: Selected Works, Zip 37 Gallery, Denver, CO
1996: Some Gallery Artists, CSK Gallery, Denver, CO (monoprints only)
1995: Monotypes, CSK Gallery, Denver, CO (monoprints only)


The JM[Just Messing]/Spring Series are pieces done this spring while the weather where we live was going through the change from winter to spring to summer - days of sun and greening land, and days of intense blizzards and wind. (We now live at a high altitude in the mountains of Colorado after years in the city of Denver). “JM” stands for “just messing” - I decided to not have a theme, or a real set “meaning” when I set to making these; I just started mucking around with what materials I had in my little studio. I realized, when looking at the finished products that they ended up being about the weather and change and the season they were painted in.


Sarah M Timberlake    June 2, 2018

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