Tim Axtman


About the Artists:

Tim Axtman

Tim Axtman graduated from the University of North Dakota in 1970 with a B.A. in Art.  He’s been involved in some artistic endeavor all his life. He’s tried almost every medium from oils, watercolors, printmaking, furniture design, building, and most recently, pottery.  Much of Axtman’s inspiration comes from the Arts and Crafts Movement and the Art Deco Period. He takes great care in the gracefulness of the lines, simplicity of the pieces, and the finishes.

Axtman’s signature work, his Raku trees, are exquisitely detailed and very time intensive. He hand ‘draws’ each tree with latex on the bisque fired vases. Then he peels of the latex and does it all over again with his glazing. He finishes with the Raku firing.

Axtman is a renowned potter and has exhibited his work in several galleries throughout the Midwest.