Steven Ramsey

Harvest Mon Buffalo County - Steven  Ramsey

Harvest Moon, Buffalo County, 2017

06. Studio Glass  
11.5 x 9 x 2 in

Optical Lead Crystal ground and polished This work has a carved concave “lens” into the piece. The lensing effect is an extension of the prism optics that rather than just reflecting surfaces the concave window compressed and distorts the textured surface. The less severe angle of the wedge creates a much softer more atmospheric feeling, more suited to the impression of a dark or over cast day. Originally it was conceived of to document the total solar eclipse of August 2017, but as the Ramsey began some research about different phases of the moon and the lunar cycles, he turned to the harvest moon because it spoke more to the yearly cycle of events and not just one incident of an astronomical phenomena.

$ 3,600.00

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